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I have been painting, drawing, and a full time intaglio print maker for the last 20 years. My focus has been documenting aspects of the contemporary Cowboy and American Indian life. I try to find the most rural and pure people that still hold the old traditions, and hang on to the historic ways. I paint from first hand experience as I travel through the rural areas of Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota.

My montra is “One that had not lived the life,…couldn’t paint a picture to please the eye of one that had!”

I moved to Wyoming in the early 1990’s, and cowboy’d all over Northeast Wyoming and Southeast Montana. I have been going to the Crow Indian family reunion for 15 years. By gaining first hand knowledge, I try to show parts of the western life that had not fully disappeared from the culture.

The questions I hear most often about my long cattle drives or tepi camp scenes is, “Do they still do that?” Well,…. yes they do, but not for much longer. By living in a very remote section of Wyoming, and working with Ranchers, Cowboys, and Indians, I feel proud to have been lucky enough to be a part of this final chapter in the history of the American frontier. For now, “The West” is alive, it’s just hiding, in small corners of our country, trying desperately to hang on, and not be forgotten.”

Every painting and drawing is a personal experience, and I try to paint with the same integrity as Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, Frank Tenny Johnson, and Joseph Sharp.

“All Artists of any historical merit, painted from first had expeirience.”


Known Intergalactically

Devils Tower Frontier Museum

Historic Western Art, Artifacts, and American Indian beadwork is my passion!

About 15 years ago an artist friend, Tom Waugh, and I started a museum near the first national monument Devils Tower. The museum is free to all and specializes in Western pioneer, Cowboy, and heavily features American Indian items. By collecting, buying, and selling I have been able to rotate the collection and always upgrading. As people come and visit they can see items, and artwork they may never have been able to see anywhere else.

Authentic historic items can be purchased and proceeds help upgrade the existing collection.

I have been discreetly buying and selling Cowboy and American Indian items for over 15 years. Rogues Gallery has an excellent reputation as only dealing in authentic historic items, and is always 100% guarenteed.

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Early plains indian weapons
Authentic Indian Guns!
Plains Beadwork